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De-Stress and Naturally Renew Your Mind, Body, and Skin

In the current lockdown circumstances, it’s easy to get weighed down by your “new normal” routine without noticing. For some, stress and anxiety levels are at an all time high and even though vacation plans are no longer an option due to COVID-19, it’s still possible to provide for relaxation and decompression.
When it comes to your health, ignorance is not bliss and can lead to serious health consequences. Shining some light on areas that are causing you stress and changing habitual patterns, will go a long way to reduce stress in your day-to-day. Maybe your mind is scattered, your skin is breaking out, or your muscles feel tense and tight lately. Stress can build up in different areas of the body and wreak havoc everywhere. If you’re feeling stuck in your routine at home, take time to de-stress by checking in with yourself to renew your mind, body and skin.
Sometimes adding something into your routine is easier and more sustainable than taking something out, try one or more of these t…

Experts Reveal their Skincare Regimen

How’s your skincare routine? Are you still wondering whether you should apply serum or toner first? Skincare can be confusing, but every step counts! There’s no sense in having a routine if the products don’t have the chance to penetrate your skin and work effectively. Right along with the quality of ingredients in the products you use, the order in which you layer them matters, too! Read on to clear up any confusion and learn the proper procedure for your skincare routine: 
Cleanse Skin. As everyone has heard lately, the most important thing you can do for your health is to wash your hands. Well, washing your face is just as important! Throughout the day, your skin builds up bacteria, oil, dirt and debris (yuck!). Washing your skin morning and night is the first step toward healthy looking skin, and preventing blocked pores and blemishes. In this step, be sure to use a face wash with quality, natural ingredients that doesn’t leave a residue or strip skin of it’s natural oils. Check out…

Is Your Hand Sanitizer Drying Out Your Skin or Making it Bleed?

When you think about hand sanitizer, you might think of harsh chemical scents or fragrances, and how it leaves your skin dry and irritated. If you’ve been using it more often lately, it can even cause your skin to crack and bleed. The experts at Doctor D. Schwab want to change the way you think of hand sanitizer forever. They created a plant based, moisturizing hand sanitizer with a gentle, pleasant scent, so you can disinfect effectively without sacrificing soft hands.
With the COVID-19 outbreak among us, it’s important to keep yourself as protected and clean as possible. Doctors recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds (or singing the happy birthday song twice) to thoroughly cleanse them. While traditional hand washing is always the preferred method to keep your hands germ, virus, and bacteria free, there isn’t always a sink nearby. If you’re on the go, or if you desire extra protection, your own personal hand sanitizer comes in handy.
While most hand sanitizers strip your skin, le…

Guide to Self Care: 7 Tips for Surviving the Rest of Quarantine

Guess what? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! You’re making it through one of the strangest times in modern history. Give yourself a big pat on the back (seriously)! Maybe you’ve finally settled into a routine, maybe you’re refusing to accept to the “new normal”; maybe you’ve been doing everything you’re “supposed” to be doing during quarantine (eating healthy, staying active, hydrating, getting enough sleep, etc.), or maybe you’re just barely getting by each day. Everyone might not be in the same boat, but everyone’s in the same storm right now. Whichever boat you’re in, here’s a short guide of 7 things you can try out to help you stay afloat through the rest of quarantine.
1. Find Peace. Whether you’re living alone or feeling distressed in a shared space, it’s important to set aside a few moments for yourself every day. It’s vital for your mental health (and those around you) that you take time for yourself to find peace in this chaotic time. See if you can incorporate one or a…