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Is Your Hand Sanitizer Drying Out Your Skin or Making it Bleed?

When you think about hand sanitizer, you might think of harsh chemical scents or fragrances, and how it leaves your skin dry and irritated. If you’ve been using it more often lately, it can even cause your skin to crack and bleed. The experts at Doctor D. Schwab want to change the way you think of hand sanitizer forever. They created a plant based, moisturizing hand sanitizer with a gentle, pleasant scent, so you can disinfect effectively without sacrificing soft hands.

With the COVID-19 outbreak among us, it’s important to keep yourself as protected and clean as possible. Doctors recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds (or singing the happy birthday song twice) to thoroughly cleanse them. While traditional hand washing is always the preferred method to keep your hands germ, virus, and bacteria free, there isn’t always a sink nearby. If you’re on the go, or if you desire extra protection, your own personal hand sanitizer comes in handy.

While most hand sanitizers strip your skin, leaving your hands and nails dry and cracked. Doctor D. Schwab Invisible Glove™ Hand Sanitizer uses a powerful blend of plant based ingredients so you’ll no longer need to carry around lotion in addition to your sanitizer (hello, lightweight traveling!). Doctor D. Schwab Invisible Glove™ is tough on germs but gentle on your hands. It leaves your skin clean and smooth with natural ingredients like organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Cucumber, Green Tea, and 65% Alcohol.

In addition, the Doctor D. Schwab Invisible Glove™ formula is uniquely infused with Rosemary and Eucalyptus to not only leave your hands soft and smooth but also provide a lovely, all-natural scent. It has zero artificial fragrances and unlike other products has no harsh chemical odor.

For extra defense against germs in the workplace, be sure to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you throughout the day. All daycares and schools that are up and running must take preventive measures to keep the virus away. Luckily, Invisible Glove Hand Sanitizer formula is safe for teachers and kids alike. From the elderly to children, grocery store workers to first responders, it is essential that everyone keep their hands clean without over drying the skin.

There’s enough to stress about right now, don’t compromise the condition of your skin with harsh hand sanitizers. Keep up with your personal hygiene and cleanliness, and stay sanitized. Give your skin the TLC it deserves. The next time you’re heading out the door, toss a bottle of Invisible Glove in your bag, or keep some in your car, to stay healthy and keep your hands soft on the go!

To find out more about the importance of natural ingredients, connect with Doctor D. Schwab on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube.


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