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5 Reasons Ginkgosome® is the Best Kept Skincare Secret

Besides drinking water, washing your face, and using products with quality ingredients, Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgosome® Face Serum is the best kept skincare secret. Anyone who knows good skincare knows that Ginkgosome® is an essential product to use. When you apply Ginkgosome®, the effects are similar to drinking a tall glass of water. It has a powerful concentration of active ingredients and provides a 24-hour time release system for optimal performance. Read on to learn more about this secret weapon for your skin! 

1. Helps to Relieve Dehydrated Skin
As soon as you apply Ginkgosome®, you will be amazed with the fast, visible results. A few drops go a long way, and when Ginkgosome® absorbs into the skin the concentrated, powerful serum alters skin's tone, texture, firmness and vitality. With daily use overtime, don’t be surprised if people start asking you what your skincare secret is! 

2. Lasts All Day 
Ginkgosome® creates a visible improvement to your skin tone with it’s advanced delivery system and time release effect that hydrates the cells from the inside out. The system works for you all day to retain moisture so you never have to worry about your skin drying out or reapplication. It out-performs other serums with an Alphasomes Complex that encapsulates active ingredients and enables them to reach the targeted area for a 24-hour time period. 

3. Delivers Quality, Powerful Ingredients 
Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgosome® uses high quality, natural, environmentally friendly ingredients that help restore cell communication. It delivers concentrated ingredients to the skin such as Grape Stem Cell Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Amino Acids, Vitamins A and E, and Aloe. It also includes powerful Tripeptides, Oligopeptides, and fruit cell extracts to help fight off environmental protection. 

4. Promotes Cell Renewal and Anti-Aging 
If you’re looking for an effective anti-aging serum, Ginkgosome® is the answer. The powerful ingredients like Grape Stem Cell Extract work to strengthen your skin cells against UV radiation which is responsible for 80% of aging. Ginkgosome® delays the biological aging of essential cells and fights photo aging which means you’ll never look your age again!

5. Protects Against Cell Damage 
Ginkgo Biloba, a main ingredient in Ginkgosome®, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1500 years and is widely known for it’s wonderful healing properties. It helps boost circulation and collagen formation, and protects against cell damage, resulting in a healthy, radiant looking complexion. Ginkgo Biloba also helps to protect tissue by stabilizing cell membranes and reducing free radicals. In addition, the flavonoid molecules strengthen capillaries and connective tissue structures. 

Using a quality skincare system you’ll see a noticeable difference and after using Doctor D. Schwab Ginkgosome® people will complement your skin and ask you, “what’s your secret?!”


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