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8 Morning Routine Tips for a Great Day

In the recent months, everyone’s life has been shaken up a bit. Between kids being on summer break, and the pandemic wreaking havoc on the world, you may find yourself sleeping in later, rolling out of bed into your “work from home” space, and logging in remotely while still in your pj’s. While there’s nothing wrong with that, (and something very special about being able to work from home), not having a balanced morning routine can leave you feeling scattered and your skin looking dull and washed out. Developing a simple morning routine can set you up for success, and in turn, keep your skin radiant throughout the day. Despite the current situation you find yourself in, read on for some helpful tips to simplify your morning routine, so you show up with radiance and grace!

#1 Make Your Bed
As soon as you wake up, make your bed. This small, simple habit will set the tone for the rest of your day. Check off this task to create a snowball effect for the rest of your morning routine. 

#2 Keep Your Phone on Airplane Mode
Some people like to leave their phone outside of their room entirely, while others use it as an alarm. In both cases, throwing your phone on "airplane mode" before going to sleep will prevent you from checking your notifications and emails first thing in the morning. Give yourself time to wake up and take care of your business to feel ready before you switch off airplane mode and to start your “virtual day.” 

#3 Combine Steps
A little multitasking goes a long way. To rinse off any allergens or nighttime oil build up, wash your face in the morning with Doctor D. Schwab Herbal Foam Cleanser and towel dry. Follow with the spray on  Doctor D. Schwab Herbal Toner to refresh, hydrate, and balance skin’s pH. While the toner is drying, brush your teeth or hair to save time during your morning skincare routine

#4 Drink Lemon Water
To help purify your skin and body first thing in the morning, drink warm lemon water. It aids in digestion and promotes detoxification, and the Vitamin C in lemon may help reduce wrinkles and the appearance of aging.

#5 Find Quiet Time
Carve out some space in the morning where you won’t be interrupted, or before anyone in your home is awake for private, contemplative time first thing in the morning to meditate, pray, journal, or anyway you’d like to pause and reflect. This time will set the tone for the rest of your day. There are numerous benefits and studies linked to meditation (including reduced premature aging in skin). Journaling in the morning can also shift your day, whether you write out a schedule, make a gratitude list, or simply release and organize your thoughts on paper rather than taking them into the day with you.

#6 Morning Movement
Take a walk, stretch, or workout first thing. You’ll get your exercise out of the way, and remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated - dance around to your favorite music! Find a movement that inspires both your mind and mind. Be sure to toss your Doctor D. Schwab Invisible Glove™ Hand Sanitizer in your gym bag to stay sanitized and protected from germs if you head out to the gym or a studio.

#7 Eat a Nutritious Breakfast
Take special care to fuel your body and brain in the morning for energy to perform during the day. Plus, your skin will shine brighter if you provide it with the best nutrients! 

Skip the heavy foundation and start your day by enhancing your skin with the Flawless Skin Fluid® Tinted Moisturizer. As soon as you apply the mineral-based, lightweight formula will make your skin complexion appear smooth and dewy. The Flawless Skin Fluid® will save your day and make your morning routine a breeze with it’s natural finish that conceals redness and softens fine lines. The Flawless Skin Fluid® can be used as a highlighter and adds glow and a boost of radiance to your skin.

Look and feel your best throughout the day by starting it off on the right foot and adding in these simple steps.

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