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Is Wearing a Protective Face Covering Irritating Your Skin and Lips?

Due to COVID-19, protective face coverings are now a requirement for the general public while outside of their homes and in most public spaces; particularly at the grocery store, at work (if you’re not working remotely), and healthcare settings. The preventative steps taken during the pandemic have created a new set of skin concerns, and complications have been prevalent. Skin can become aggravated, dry, and itchy after wearing face coverings for an extended period of time or by not cleaning them properly. If you’ve noticed a recent flare up of acne, dry skin, or chapped lips, read on to discover why, and for tips to prevent skin irritations:

Recently, the most common skin complications have been dry skin from excessive hand washing, and face irritations from wearing face masks. Before we fix the problem, we must understand why this particular protective measure is impacting the skin. The likely reasons masks are causing skin trouble are due to blocked pores (especially with sweat, oil, or bacteria on a dirty mask), dry skin and lips (from friction of the fabric), and irritation from excessive pressure if the mask is too tight. Another contributing factor is the weather and season — as summer brings heat and humidity — causing even more sweat and oil build up. In addition, any previous skin issues like acne, rosacea  and psoriasis, are likely to be aggravated by the face mask from friction, heat, and sweating. 

How do you fix the damage?

- When possible, opt for a cotton face covering that you can wash by hand with soap and hot water. Certain face masks are machine washable and if you have the option, wash your mask after every use and air dry.

- Wash your face morning and night with the gentle Doctor D. Schwab Sensitive Cleanser and if you are able, wash your face throughout the day, especially after going on walks, working out, and wearing your mask for any extended period of time. Cleansing your face will not only act as a preventative measure for skin concerns, but will also soothe dry, peeling skin.

-After cleansing, apply a thick layer of moisturizer for hydration and to create an extra protective barrier for skin. For extra TLC use the creamy, soothing, Doctor D. Schwab Arnica Mask and hydrate sensitive skin while reducing the appearance of redness and bruising in aggravated skin from protective face coverings. The arnica extract, concentrated peptides, and grape stem cell extract, calm skin and the lavender scent will relax you at the same time. It can be applied and rinsed off, or left on overnight for intense healing.

- If you’ve noticed your lips have been extra chapped lately, join the crowd! Protective face coverings lead to dry skin and dry, cracked lips. 
Preventing this issue is simple with Doctor D. Schwab Lip Therapy.
Use it throughout the day, and apply a thick layerat night to soothe and soften damaged, cracked skin on your lips. Before you go to bed, gently exfoliate lips by giving them a gentle brush from your toothbrush and follow with Lip Therapy. If you apply it before bed it acts as a mask and will work to heal while you rest. The all natural ultra-hydrating formula locks in moisture to allow skin to heal with ingredients like aloe extract, sweet almond oil, and evening primrose. Check out the Arnica Mask and Lip Therapy Set Special to soothe your skin and lips.

Another common skin stressor that comes from wearing a face covering is the overall discomfort from the straps, and sores forming on the nose, chin, and behind the ears. To ease the pain, apply the Doctor D. Schwab Rescue Cream before, after, or while you’re wearing a mask to create an extra barrier for the skin, reduce the friction, and ease the pain in places the mask will rub. This cream lives up to it’s name, containing soothing botanical extracts and oils that allow skin’s natural healing and regeneration process to begin. For instant relief, before applying the Rescue Cream or your face covering, give a light spritz of the Doctor D. Schwab Weh Weh Natural Relief Spray with CBD (hemp seed oil extract) and Arnica all over your face and spray your discomfort away. The Rescue Cream and Weh Weh Natural Relief Spray duo is all you need to “rescue” you from the discomfort and soreness accompanying protective  face masks.


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